Sturdy Standing Upright Senior Straight Rollator Walker

Elderly and handicapped loved ones deserve to walk freely and confidently without risking their safety. Our premium upright walker provides users with the utmost care and support while they maneuver both indoors and outdoors.

standup walker

Fitted with four sturdy wheels, the standing walker smoothly moves over any type of terrain with extreme ease. These wheels ensure that users get to move around with the upright walkers for seniors at a comfy speed.

Equipped with ergonomic handles, the stand up straight walker provide elders with a comfy and tight grip at all times. In fact, the handbrakes of the stand up walkers for seniors are perfectly positioned on the handles for ease of access.

stand up walkers for seniors

Best part of all, the upright walker is suitable to use on any type of terrain, giving your elders the freedom to roam wherever they please. Help elder and handicapped loved ones become more independent by equipping them with our reliable stand upright walker.


LIGHTWEIGHT – Weighing at only 21 lbs, the standup walker is extremely lightweight and portable. Users won’t have a hard time maneuvering through uneven and inclined paths when walking with the standing walker.

HEAVY-DUTY – Despite its lightweight build, the upright walker for seniors is capable of carrying loads of up to 450 lbs.  Not only that, but the durable aluminum frame of the stand up straight walker can withstand constant use without breaking down.

ADJUSTABLE – Elders of any height can conveniently use the stand up walker for seniors by simply adjusting its handles. This means that the upright walker can help users maintain proper posture and prolong the health of their spine.


Weight: 21 pounds
Type: Rollator
Shipping Weight: 21 pounds
Material: Aluminum
Maximum Load Capacity: 450lbs


1x Stand Upright Walker


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