Scoop EMT Backboard Spine Board Stretcher

Are you looking for a spine board that can be used to gently transfer an injured person or in an emergency situation? Our Scoop EMT Backboard Spine Board Stretcher aids in the transport of wounded people up and downstairs, making it ideal for usage in an ambulance, hospital, clinic, sporting event, or battlefield.
Scoop EMT Backboard Spine Board Stretcher


Comfortable – This scoop EMT backboard can comfortably accommodate people, scoop the stretcher to fit your body form. Provide additional comfort with three safety belts to prevent falling.

Easy To Use – The spine board stretcher features central hinge-typed mechanisms, push the button to split the stretcher in two. Without lifting or rolling, easily move the patient to the ambulance car or surgical table.

Adjustable – This EMT backboard spine head part is length adjustable to accommodate persons of varying heights, assist with head support. After being removed, this stretcher folds up for convenient transport or storage.

Scoop EMT Backboard Spine Board Stretcher

Package Content

1x Scoop EMT Backboard Spine Board Stretcher


Weight: 18.7lbs
Weight Capacity: 
Max. 350lbs
Aluminum Alloy + Plastic
Fold Size:
 120x45x7cm / 47×17.7×2.7in
Open Size: 162x45x7cm / 63.7×17.7×2.7in
Length Adjustable: 162-185-192-210cm / 63.7-72.8-75.6-82.7in

Shipping Information

Domestic Shipping (USA): Your scoop EMT backboard will be packaged and shipped within 3 days of ordering. Please keep in mind that our items are custom made and shipped from warehouses across the world meaning it may take them 5 to 22 business days to arrive after shipment


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