Lightweight Underwater Scuba Diving Scooter Propeller

Conveniently navigate through large bodies with ease with the help of our heavy-duty underwater scooter. Our premium sea scooter was designed to help beginner and experienced divers reach new depths without exerting too much effort.

Equipped with a powerful motor, the water scooter helps you move at speeds up to 2.7mph under water. Not only that, but the underwater sea scooter moves just as fast when you swim in shallow or deep waters of up to 100 feet.

Due to its lightweight design, the scuba scooter can be packed in a bag and transported without a hassle. It also meets all aviation standards so that you can carry it on a plane when traveling to distant locations.

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Best out of all, the underwater propeller is extremely high-tech and can be controlled via an application on your tablet or phone. This application enables you to remotely adjust the speed, function, and cruise time of the dive scooter.


ERGONOMIC – Designed with double propellers, the underwater scooter keeps you balanced while swimming in the water. Not only that, but the sea scooter comes with perfectly sized handles that provide you with a good grip and better control of the water scooter.

VERSATILE – Our underwater sea scooter helps experienced swimmers to dive deeper into the water and helps beginners learn how to stay afloat. This scuba scooter also enables you to attach action cameras so that you can capture underwater life with ease.

RECHARGEABLE – Due to its rechargeable design, the underwater propeller can be used for up to 45 minutes per session. Its magnet type charger can fully charge the dive scooter after two short hours so that you can enjoy using it multiple times in a day.


Duration: Max 45 min
Depth: Max 100ft
Speed: Max 2.7mph
Built-in 97.68 Wh Li-ion polymer batter, can be taken on plane.
2 gears, LED light indication of speed and battery
App control via wireless connection, remote setting of speed, function, cruise time/ distance, social media sharing, etc
Total thrust: 22 lbs
Dimensions: 19″x10″x6″
Weight: 6 lbs
Charge time:1.5 h-2h


1x Underwater Scooter


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