Electric Rotary Tool Kit Variable Speed 140 Pcs Accessories

Overall dimension: 11.5″ x 9.5″ x 3″ (L x W x H)Net weight: 3.5lbsCollet capacity: 0.5-3.2mmMax. dia. of grinding wheel: ≤ 10mmVoltage: 120VCycle: 60HzPower: 130WRPM: 8,000 – 32,000RPMPackage includes:1 x Mini grinder1 x Storage box1 x Flexible shaft1 x Plastic box1 x 3/8” Spanner1 x Allen wrench1 x Cover shield1 x Whet stone1 x Polishing compound1 x Flow drill2 x Carbon brush2 x Wire brush2 x Extension rod3 x Collet3 x Mandrel3 x Cut off wheel3 x Mini HSS cutting disc3 x Net Resin cutting disc3 x Rotary burr8 x HSS Twist drill8 x Abrasive Stone10 x Diamond burr bit12 x Felt wheel18 x Sanding drum20 x Resin cutting disc30 x Sanding paper disc
Key Features
● Powerful Motor and Variable Speed: This high-performance rotary tool has a powerful motor that can generate strong and steady output power. 6-level variable speed from 8,000 rpm to 32,000 rpm allows you to handle some projects more precisely.

● Ergonomic Handle: This compact rotary tool adopts a streamlined body design with an Anti-slip rubber handle, which can provide a comfortable grip for better control and help you complete delicate tasks.

● 3 Attachments Support: Flexible shaft improves the flexibility of the product and is very suitable for precise work in confined space or hard to reach places. The cover shield provides perfect protection for cutting and grinding work.

● Multipurpose Accessories: Equipped with three different sizes of collets (1.6 mm, 2.3 mm, 3.0 mm) and more than 100 accessories, this rotary tool kit has complete functions and can be used to perform various home projects or crafting jobs such as grinding, cutting, carving, polishing, drilling, etc.

● Easy to Store and Carry: Equipped with a sturdy and durable plastic box, all parts are well organized to avoid clutter, which greatly saves storage space. In addition, the compact size and lightweight make it easy to carry from one place to another.

This 140pcs rotary tool kit is ideal for all kinds of home projects or crafting jobs!

The high-quality motor provides strong rotating power and multiple cooling holes can effectively dissipate the heat of the motor to extend its service life. The 6-level variable speed of 8,000-32,000 RMP allows you to set and adjust the speed flexibly according to the work contents and the type of materials used. A total of 140 attachments and accessories cover a variety of applications such as grinding, cutting, drilling, etc. The rotary tool with ergonomic and compact design is easy to operate and comfortable to grip. This high-performance craft tool is definitely a valuable investment!

If you are looking for a rotary kit like this, do not hesitate to place an order!

A high-quality motor provides strong and steady power
With a variable speed of 8,000-32,000 rpm for precision control
Non-slip rubber handle provides a comfortable grip and easy control
With 3 different sizes of collets for different accessories
A storage box keeps all the accessories well organized
Can meet various needs such as grinding, drilling and polishing
Easy to carry with a lightweight and compact design


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