Cuddeback CuddeLink J Series Black Flash Trail Camera (8-Pack) with Cell Trail Camera, Power Banks, and 16GB SD Cards – K-CUD-COPY-68

Cuddeback CuddeLink J Series Black Flash Trail Camera showcases built-in, private, camera-to camera network featuring full and HD size video and clear 20MP photos, in color and black and white. Focus Camera bundles these eight Cuddeback CuddeLink J Series Black Flash Trail Cameras with cell trail camera, two solar power banks, six power banks, and nine 16GB memory cards.

Cuddeback CuddeLink J Series Black Flash Trail Camera (4-Pack)

The perfect trail camera for your scouting trip, this CuddeLink J Series Black Flash Trail Camera by Cuddeback can produce high resolution color and black and white images with its 20MP image sensor. The super-fast 1/4-second trigger speed enables you to capture the deer that many other cameras would miss. On top of that, the recovery speed of 1 to 2 seconds enables you to capture multiple pictures of your game within seconds. Connect up to 15 remote CuddeLink cameras to a single home camera with the featured CuddeLink technology. This feature allows you to watch your footage from any given location. Powered by 4 x D batteries.

High Quality Images and Videos

With capabilities of capturing incredible day-time images in full color and black and white night images, the J Series Black Flash scouting camera is an ideal camera for every hunters. This camera allows you to shoot full HD videos and capture 20MP high quality images.

No Glo IR LEDs

This compact CuddeLink camera with no glow IR LEDs lets you scout more effectively without alarming animals.

Innovative Features

This J Series game camera features a separate day/night delays with customizable time lapse feature. Three operating modes allow more control over the camera settings.

CuddeLink Compatible

Cuddeback CuddeLink J Series Black Flash Trail Camera uses the Wi-Fi-free and cellular-free Cuddelink network. With this system, images from up to multiple cameras are transmitted to 1 camera. Instead of checking all your trail cameras, just one can be checked to see your images.

Cuddeback CuddeLink Cell Trail Camera (Verizon)

CuddeLink Cell Verizon is Cuddeback’s most advanced trail camera. With two cellular modes, the CuddeLink Cell is the ideal trail camera whether you use 1 camera or 24. Cell Mode 1- the CuddeLink Cell exceeds the performance of other cellular trail cameras – LTE service, 1/4-second trigger speed, long battery life and 20MP images. Cell Mode 2 is where CuddeLink Cell crushes the competition. The CuddeLink Cell utilizes CuddeLink technology to allow up to 24 cameras to share one cell plan.

Industry Leading Performance

The CuddeLink Cell features Cuddeback’s best technology. Cuddeback’s patented Power House technology uses super capacitors to store energy – allowing the camera to deliver 3 times the power to the LEDs. The result is more range, better image quality, and less motion blur.

CuddeLink Compatible

Remarkably, CuddeLink products are compatible with each other. You can create a network with a mix of G camera, J cameras, and Home products. Cameras automatically connect and send images from up to 23 Remote cameras to 1 Home camera. So instead of paying for multiple cell plans, you can have up to 24 cameras on 1 cell plan. Camera-to-camera range is up to 1/2 mile in a forest (1/4 mile is typical) and over 1 mile in open terrain. Camera’s will automatically daisy chain to extend range to miles allowing camera deployment on property from 40 acres to over 1000 acres and can operate for up to 3 months. CuddeLink Cell is compatible with all cell phones, tablets, and computers. *Gen 2 firmware is required to build up to 24 camera networks.

Cuddeback PW-3600 Solar Power Bank

Solar Power Bank has everything you need to get your CuddeLink camera running on Solar power. It helps to extend battery life on your G, J and K CuddeLink cameras. Best performance when panel gets direct sunlight for most of the day. Recommended use on food plot and field edges. Built in 7.2 volt NiMH battery will power CuddeLink G, J and K series cameras. Has 2 output ports – 1 with battery output to power a camera, 2nd port is direct from solar panel to charge Dual Power Bank.

Cuddeback CuddePower Power Bank

A quality D battery has eight times the capacity (milliamp hours) of a comparable AA battery. This allows the six D batteries in the CuddePower to have up to four times the power of the eight AA batteries in the camera. More power enables the camera to run longer and take higher quality night images. This is critical in subfreezing temperatures.


CuddePower can operate a camera with or without batteries installed in the camera. The camera will draw power from the CuddePower first, saving the eight AA batteries for reserve when the D batteries fail.


CuddePower attaches to the tree with an included metal Genius Mount. Compatible Cuddeback cameras slide on and off the built-in Genius Mount of the CuddePower.

SanDisk Ultra 16GB Class 10 SD Memory Card

The SanDisk Ultra 16GB Class 10 SD Memory Card is twice as fast as ordinary SDHC and cards, allowing it to take better pictures and Full HD videos. Its faster write speeds and Class 10 video recording performance make it a great choice for compact to mid-range point-and-shoot cameras and camcorders to capture top quality Full HD 1080p video and amazing pictures.

Great for Capturing Full HD Videos

SanDisk Ultra SDHC UHS-I Memory Card have a Class 10 speed ratings for recording Full HD (1080p) videos. Enjoy smooth video recording performance whether you’re recording a family get-together, sporting event, or school play.

Durable Design

SanDisk Ultra SDHC UHS-I Memory Card is shockproof, temperature-proof, waterproof, X-ray-proof, so you can enjoy your adventures without worrying about the durability of your memory card.


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